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Sup de Vente School




Sup de Vente Sales Engineering School has 2 campuses located in St Germain en Laye and Paris, in France. It is affiliated to the Paris Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Paris Ile de France). Every year CCI Paris Ile de France Campus (18 Schools) trains 34.000 young people of which there are 17.500 apprentices, and 30.000 professionals in continuous education.

For over 25 years, Sup de Vente has been training a new generation of high level Sales Engineers and has been aiming to guide them towards professional success.

Sup de Vente offers, within the world of education today, and thanks to its many professional lecturers, a pragmatic response to the needs of the business community.

Sup de Vente has a very special relationship with business and all industrial sectors. It has created numerous partnerships with international and national groups as well as smaller companies. Sup de Vente expects its apprentices to share its core values: respect / professionalism / team spirit / commitment.




A team of more than 120 professional lecturers is available to give students the opportunity to combine theory and practice and to become experts in their own field.


Sup de Vente will give you the opportunity to develop :

  • Professional operational skills sought by most companies
  • Method and tools to manage and implement projects
  • Professional behavior adapted to a demanding job


You will learn how to :

  • Develop and sell solutions
  • Use Agile project methods
  • Manage a team
  • Undertake projects and be creative


Our approach: “learning by doing” includes

  • Company games
  • Practical cases
  • Digital tools specially created and developed by Sup de Vente
  • Role play (interviews)
  • Business Project Development




Since its foundation in 1991, Sup de Vente has built a strong expertise in the areas of sales and negotiation, marketing and purchases. Its programmes in apprenticeship include 2-year degree programmes, bachelors and master level degrees and are attended by more than 1000 students.

During their curriculum students may be involved in various types of international activities :

  • English courses and intercultural seminars
  • Study trips (Spain, Canada, US…)
  • Internships abroad during curriculum or after, for which students can benefit from the Erasmus programme (We are a holder of the Charter Erasmus 2014-2020 and will renew it for 2021-21)


More specifically, 2 of our programmes have an international focus and are concerned by our international development on short term :



5 years post-baccalaureate study, master's degree, engineering qualification


A 2-year programme (Master 1 – Master 2) or a 1-year programme (Master 2), depending on level upon registration

4 specializations giving job opportunities in various professional sectors: Industry - IT/ Telecommunications - Corporate services – International

About 100 apprentices each year divided in small groups of 15 to 25 people

Acquired skills:

  • Strategic foresight (ecosystem monitoring – generate leads through professional networks)
  • Business development (accurate business policy – tracking of business opportunities – activity development)
  • Design and negotiation of high-value added solutions (tailor-made offers – negotiation to maintain margins)
  • Business and team project management
  • Business English

Academic calendar: September or October to end June/begin of July

1 week at school 2 weeks in a company

During their second year, our MIA apprentices of the international track located in Saint Germain en Laye perform an entrepreneurship project with our partner university Albion College.

We are currently seeking a new partner for our group recently recruited on our Paris campus.

EGC Bachelor

3 years post-baccalaureate study, bachelor degree in business, management and marketing


3-year post-baccalaureate study, bachelor degree in business, management and marketing



A 3-year degree programme (bachelor) in business including :

  • 1 year in initial training (courses+internship)
  • 2 years in apprenticeship



30 to 50 students each year divided in small groups of 15 to 25 people






During their first year EGC students perform a 2-month internship abroad.

In the next years we wish to develop students exchanges (studies/internship) with European universities/schools so that our 2nd year students in international track can do an internship or semester of studies abroad.


Laurence Gasquet
Head of program and international coordinator
00 33 15 56 55 48 - lgasquet@supdevente.fr